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This Sunday in Paris will be full of life and colors.

The-color-runThe Color Run is in Paris.  We will be dressed in white at the starting line and don’t really know how we are going to end up – but we will be all covered by coloured powder.

It’s a crazy competition that will happen for the 1st time in Paris (after 40 other countries in the world…) this Sunday April 13th, 2014.


The Happiest 5k on the Planet.


The color run is a 5km challenge in which thousands of competitors run accross a coloring zone for 1km. They will be thrown colored powder 100%.

parcours (1)

When getting close to the finish line, the run becomes a “Finisher festival” in which contestants will receive even more powder from different colours.

ParcoursThe starting line is at Hôtel de Ville and the finish line is at Trocadero.

 It is going to be a very special and colorful day. If we do any good picture, we will post them here!

The Color Run French website:

Animals are getting ready for Vincennes Zoo’s grand re-opening this Saturday!


They are now ready to welcome visitors…  Néro the lion, Aramis the jaguar and almost 1000 new neighbours will be expecting Parisian visitors this Saturday. It took 6 years to renovate the zoological park of Paris. A brand new zoo organized around 5 bio-zones that recreated the Patagonian, Sudanese, European, Amazonian, and Madagascan environments.  A 21st century park with animals’ well-being as major concern.


Before the re-opening, an acclimatization period was necessary.

Tropical birds are flying freely inside the huge glasshouse and the giraffes – the real Vincennes Zoo stars – made their own a playground space 3 times larger than before renovations. As if it was their first day in school, some of the animals just got in – they are a little shy. This acclimatization period is crucial for more than 50 seconds who are here to take care of the animals.  “When arriving, animals are first apart in a special zone, where they have enough time to get to know the space, identify places where to eat, to sleep. Little by little there is an expansion of their territory with always the ability to step back if they feel the need to.” is explaining the veterinary Dr Alexi Lécu.


Though temperatures in Paris for the beginning of April have been pretty low, the baboons from Guinea acclimatization process was pretty short and they are already enjoying their new land underneath the huge rock – having so much fun already.  Little turtles from Hermann also settled in very easily in their cozy and warm vivarium inside the rock.


In the following video in French, you will see the arrival of the animals at the zoo, followed by

For further information, opening hours and entry rates, visit:

Audrey Chauvet – Original article published in the paper version of 20 Minutes on April 9th, 2014

Food trucks are VERY slowly invading Paris for our pleasure.

There’s always something new to try at a food truck and a really cool and inspired way to enjoy a quick lunch.


But getting an authorisation to open a food truck has never been harder. Only 3 food trucks have obtained the right to park in different corners of Paris. Three against more than 250 trucks are on expanding waiting list. The city hall administration fears an unfair competition for already established restaurants. Food trucks offers gastronomy’s inspired meals to go, accessible to any Parisian – willing to cue for hours in order to taste some!

The very first food truck – and always referred to – was “Le Camion qui fume” (the smoking truck) and it started almost 2 years ago with a great success. Always parked at Place de la Madeleine, it was the beginning of what we call now Street Food. Kristin Frederick who imported the food trucks in France claims that the different trucks owners need to gather and unite in order to show their values and respect for artisanal work of art.  Hence their very recent “Food Truck Parade” that happened on March 21st (1st day of Spring), rolling from the Main François Mitterrand library (in front of the MK2 cinema where you can always find a food truck parked), to Bastille and Nation places… a way to raise awareness and support among Parisians.

Let’s hope that there will be more trucks opening in the coming years because they are dedicated to great quality and friendly service.

 We recently tried and loved…


They remind us that street food started in Asia and especially in Thailand. The food is prepared by Thai lady cooks on the truck. More info on their website:


 In recent news, H&M also lunched a fashion Truck going around the streets of Paris full of men clothes to try on and personalized advice in fashion… We liked the idea and it was quite successful.